Geoff Hutton, aka "Dream Quaffle," has been a unique and active voice in the wizard wrock community since 2020. Since their debut on "Hut on the Wrock: a Sea Shanty Comp," they have released a number of projects including the "Magic Jukebox" EP, their album "My Polyjuice Project," and even singles such as "Sirius Rap." Through their wizard wrock, Dream Quaffle explores the opportunity to reach out to every corner of the fandom with a wide variety of musical experiments that all come back to one simple message: there is plenty of room here for all of us!

In addition to all of their wrock adventures, their voice can be found on many "Potter" podcasts including Alohomora!, SpeakBeasty, PuffCast, Care of Magical Shippers, and WZRD Radio.  



My name is Key and I am a Black woman cosplayer! My Blackness has been, and continues to be, the most formative aspect of my personhood. As someone who is pursuing a PhD in Afro American Studies, being Black is a part of everything I do, including my cosplays. I try my best to incorporate my own flares to all of my costumes. Cosplaying has been a fantastic journey so far and I am thankful for my partners, Juiceman Cosplay and Mr. Tetris Cosplay.


Email: OnkeyCosplay@gmail.com 


Social medias: Instagram.com/OnkeyCosplay 




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Julianna is a podcaster, runner, Harry Potter nerd (she's a Hufflepuff™), demisexiual, dietitian, “spondy” and dog mom. Julianna lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with her pittie Myrtle. Her two podcasts, Puffcast (Your Harry Potter Happy Place) and Into the Fold (A Grishaverse Podcast), are independently produced by herself with her two best friends Mel and Geoff. By day, she works as a registered dietitian for the VA. When she’s not walking her dog, podcasting or talking Potter she can be found running. She has run two Boston Marathons and a Chicago Marathon and has her eyes set onthe NYC marathon next. She also has a chronic illness called Alkalizing Spondylosis (see “spondy” above) and is currently on the journey to finding her best treatment plan to combat this condition. She has an undying spark of passion for everything she does.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jellyanna_runs?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= 

Puffcast Podcast: https://linktr.ee/Puffcast 

Into the Fold Podcast: https://linktr.ee/intothefold 







Poet and retired professor Wayne-Daniel Berard shares original poetry informed by the Potterverse. The magical world is alive in these pieces, showing us that in the end “harm bounces/off of good because/of love.”

Wayne-Daniel Berard, PhD, is an educator, shaman, sage and former Franciscan seminarian.

He will be reading excerpts from his book, Little Ghosts on The Castle Floors, both Saturday and Sunday at 11 and 1 pm.