Here you will find many things to Entertain you and your friends and family throughout the day.
Some Entertainment is Free, others charge a fee for their services or Artistry.
Some have specific times and/or sign up sheets.
We will continue to update, so please check back often.

Once all is finalized, we will post a downloadable schedule for your convenience. 




Play Live Action Wizard Chess with New England's Own Knights of Gore!

This version of The Wizard Chess Game was created exclusively for New England Wizardfest and is brand new for 2022!

Will the Knights duel you? No. Will they duel each other? Absolutely!

Pawns are Wizards in this game, so know your Spells to defeat your opponent to capture their King!

Participants will be chosen at random.

Not everyone will get on the Chessboard due to time constraints, however, all enthusiastic Wizards and Witches can cheer on their favourite team! The Knights will also be available between games for photo ops and of course we encourage sharing your images on social media!

PLEASE NOTE: Candid photography is permitted.

Videos are forbidden due to proprietary information priviledge and the privacy of our guests. NO Exceptions.

This game is appropriate for ages 7 and older, depending on their age and knowledge of the game, however you know what's best for your child.

It is action specific to make the game run smoothly so we ask participants to be able to follow directions given, work as a team and, if necessary, accept defeat with Honour and Grace.  *Free to play*


Sponsored by Orchardworks Wands!

A family owned and operated family New England business!


Hone your skills in this all ages, ongoing, Wand Class.

Learn wand movements, defensive spells and more!

Use your own wand or borrow one from Orchardworks Wands, the sponsor of this exciting attraction! 

Time Schedule will be posted at our event. *Free to play* 



The Ministry of Wizard Game Quality Control WANTS YOU!

Play your chosen games, take a brief survey and register to win a free game!

Directions for all games will be posted at each table.



As a worldwide leader in the games industry, Asmodee creates and distributes game experiences to a global audience. Our games tell immersive stories that inspire people to push the boundaries of their imagination. Using the narrative power of games, we aspire to create experiences that follow game players throughout their life, across all forms of media.








We are game makers, game changers, and game players and we know that we are charged with setting the stage for that next great moment. We are The Op.

We know Games are powered by: Passion. Memories. Connection. Energy

We are committed to uphold our reputation for quality and authenticity through unique and immersive experiences that we hope you will always remember.




Other games from The Ops available to play: 

HP Clue

HP Code Names

HP Scrabble

New England Wizardfest Game Room will also have space for those that want to play games on their phone or tablet (electronics not provided), and colouring tables with crayons and markers.

Colouring pages donated by

This is a great place for those that may need a break from the crowd and noise to play games with their family and friends or to just chill.

Water stations will be available in the room and public restrooms are close by, as well as hand sanitizer.

NO other food or drinks permitted.

Please be respectful and leave this space the way you found it. Open 10am-4pm. Free


Michael OJ, The Traveling Mage

A crowd favorite at numerous Faires and Festivals throughout New England!

Michael Always has a trick up his sleeve to the delight of audiences of all ages.

Audience participation encouraged.

Show times to be posted.  Free


Wizard Trivia Tournament


Think you know everything there IS to know about

Witches and Wizards?

Enter our Trivia Tournament and show off your knowledge!

No cell phone use allowed...otherwise Detention!

Two tournaments each day.

The winner in each will be awared a trophy!

Times to be posted. Free


Ace of Diamonds Entertainment Foto Fantasies

Everyone loves a Foto Booth. We have added real props, great costumes and digital backgrounds to bring to you The Next Logical Leap in Fotos. We specialize in Pop Culture Moments. We have costumes and props that represent some great moments in Pop Culture History!

A fee is charged for this service.



Charles Grant gives uplifting, life-coaching sessions that offer comfort, revive the spirit, help build confidence, and often convey life-changing advice. A proud father, Charles often plays the role of the Upbeat Uncle in his readings.

A popular medium at Psychic Fairs related events throughout New England and here at New England Wizardfest, Charles has hosted thousands of readings and would be delighted to offer his counsel to you.

A fee is charged for this service.




Henna tattooing and Body Art with Rachel.

A fee is charged for these services.