Here are the planned classes for Wizarding Students who have purchased Student Enrollment Tickets or VIP Access.

These classes are NOT INCLUDED in General Admission Tickets.​

Classes are structured to be easy to follow and interesting for students of all ages.


Students are enrolled in the classes in their chosen session ONLY.
Example: A 10AM enrolled student cannot skip a class in their time slot and then make it up in the next one.​ A student may skip a class if they choose, however they will forfeit that class.

Curriculum for 10AM, 12PM and 2PM Enrolled Students:

1.Divination: The Art of Tasseomancy

2.Astronomy: The Study of The Stars and Constellations. NEW FOR 2022!

3.Ancient Runes and Sigils: Learn this Ancient Form of Communication, NEW FOR 2022!

4. Potions: Magick and Science Combined

Curriculum for Adult Students:

1. Arithmancy: Using The Magickal Powers of Numbers for Divination
2. Astronomy: The Study of The Stars and Constellations. NEW FOR 2022!

3. Potions: Art, Science and Mixology Combined

4. OWLS: Detention will be given to those who are Late!


Students are expected to be on time for class.
Because of the time structure and, depending on the Professor, late comers may not be allowed into class, so please plan accordingly.
Being on time for class is a required courtesy for both the Professor and fellow Students.


Classes may be subject to change.