Cosplay encouraged!

You can also dress in school attire representing your House or wear your Yuletide finest!

Show Your Potter Pride!


You will find everything a practicing Wizard, Witch and even the curious may Desire!
Potions, Notions, Wands, Candles, Crystals, Books, Oddities, Cauldrons, Henna Tattoos, Jewelry and more! You will meet amazing Artisans, Craftsman, Wizards and Witches
from New England and Beyond!

Great gifts for the Holidays!


Make new friends and Manage Your Mischief at our Wizarding Classes !

Classes for both kids and adults!

A wonderful time for both children and adults! Thanks Lady Tara !

Dianne Bradley

There's no other like it!

Cindy Pittman

We took the adult classes and went to the Accio After Party. So much fun!

Jordan Kyle